People say beauty is on the inside, and that’s what matters most. But the reality is, beauty on the outside is what matters most.

I’m just getting real here.

From homes, to lattes, to humans, you are more likely to notice beauty than you are character. People don’t shop for disorderly, plain or ugly. The reality is, we are attracted to what looks good.

If I believe this, and I do, the first impression then, becomes the most important part of my life. If people are attracted to their first impression of me, then they will seek to know my character. But they will not seek know my character if they don’t like the outside.

I’m not saying something you don’t know.

We WANT it to be otherwise, but it’s not true. Beauty sells. Including who decides to be my friend, and who decides to patronize my business. Both of which are completely and utterly connected with who I am as a person. Who I am is who hangs out with me, and who does business with me.

I’m just getting real here.

Perhaps people who can live with the Beauty On The Inside theory are happier – and I believe they are – but I am not wired that way. It takes a tremendous amount of energy to not care what I look like, and to allow others to not accept me for my unattractiveness.

(I know I’m not alone here. From make-up to plastic surgery, millions of us are in the same boat.)

I want to impact women to want to “Be Better Every Day.” I have found that vigorous exercise – physical challenges that tests my body in a powerful way; going beyond my comfort zone physically– makes me want to be a better person. I have found that overcoming physical challenges convert to emotional well-being. And so I want to share that passion and enthusiasm for movement with other women. I want to be the kind of coach who can help a women transform from her state of insecurity to a state of confidence using gym-time.

But, what sells it is my ability to be attractive on the outside long before my character does. It’s the path I’ve chosen, and a difficult one to wake up to when I’m sick.

I have an autoimmune disease with symptoms that could devastate my world. More than anything, I want to feel Attractive (I want people to like me), and I want to feel Strong (the opposite being week). That’s the core of who I am. In the last five years, those things have given me value and worth in my relationships and my business in a way that gave me a will to thrive like no other time in my life. And so the thought of losing those utterly crushes my spirit.

People have been through worse. But I’m just being real here.





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