I don’t want to live a long life, I want to live a good life: Health. Striving-for and achieving goals. Continuously. If I’m going to be sick, let it be from too many hill repeats, not from toxins poisoning my liver.

I can’t say I’m Driven to win if I can’t do what it takes to get there.

If I look at the “checkbook” of my life, what does it say?

The reality is, it has said: “Try Me!” “Make whatever the hell decisions you want to make. Pretend they don’t affect you. Now go out and win!”

I am not a strong person. I am the weakest person on the planet. I have used that weakness to get my way many times. I’m done with her!

I want Strength, Tenacity, Optimism… to define me! I want people around me who will push and be pushed. I want to win.

It doesn’t mean I won’t eat cake at a wedding. Or hang out with you at a bar. Or cry over losses.

But, I need much more attention to detail. moments, finances, purchases, recovery days, hard & heavy days, diet… need much more precision.

It’s time to win! It’s time to show that I am a person God can depend on. It’s time to unlearn feeble. Return to the person I am created to be. Lord help me.





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