Do you ever run and wonder how it is you ever got there?

I did today.


It was an epic run. A hilly short course that winds in such a way that you could loop for miles without being redundant.


My goal was to run an easy, relaxed 5 miles or so. The colors were sharp. The temperature was perfect. My feet were floating, my legs were strong, my breathing calm. I’m on a course that I can lovingly call “mine.”

And I can’t take-in enough the incredulity of where I am.

I thought, “I have to take this moment to my grave.” If I forget half my life, may I never forget this moment.

I have the privilege of coaching the first College Obstacle Course Race Team in the nation. I am driven to succeed in a strange way that no one who knew me in the past would recognize. I am coaching professional men and women – “desk-jockeys” if you will- who never dreamed of climbing a rope, or running a sub 9-minute mile, or completing 100 push-ups in a day to not only do it, but do it competitively. It is a season of life that will be marked with some of my favorite memories in my 52 years.

I spent so many years analyzing my past, and when was God going to allow me to use my pain for good, and how will my life be used to benefit others, and why did I have to suffer if You’re not going to use me.

But this day, with all my soul, I did not reflect, but cry out in utter gratefulness.






























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