“If you can’t stop thinking about it, it’s probably worth going after.”

And all I can think of is, I want my last decade back. That’s what’s always on my mind. I want a do-over from 43 years old.

I mean, I would take 33 but I’m trying not to be too selfish…

For reals though, I want to start at the vibrant, funny, goofy character I was as a little girl. That’s what I want to go after.

I want to start acting like a 4-year-old.

I want to be someone who laughs because others laugh,

someone people admire for her fortitude to overcome difficulties,

someone who runs into people with open arms,

someone who speaks honestly; bluntly, with genuine desire for understanding,

someone who has hope,

yea… I want to go after that.

Shelly and me

Shelly is one and a half years older. My Sister from the same mister and mamma

Me and Wendy

Wendy is my older sister from the same mister, different mamma






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