David Goggins @davidgoggins told me to “make myself good enough…” for whatever I want to achieve. His advice is to not limit expectations for myself, or settle for anything less than what I am capable of achieving. But the price is high: I need to work hard! I need to sacrifice! And I need discipline! He is living proof of this mindset, so I listen.

I think this subject, that is so often repeated in my circle of … well, those people I follow on Social Media, is probably a little oversold, or understated… I mean, it’s so much more than face value.

Can I talk about reality?

Do I want to achieve greatness because greatness looks so appealing from the outside? Am I fooling myself about the effort level needed to get to the top?

Like aerobic training before anaerobic training, it’s necessary for my success, but seems like a waste of time, dealing with my Willingness to put in the work really needs to be addressed first! Really, Really, REALLY….! Am I REALLY willing to Work Hard! Sacrifice! And have the Discipline necessary to achieve my highest goals? Or really, am I just hoping that what I’m putting in now is gunna work?

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